Dimitris Dassios is one of the most active fashion designers in Greece, with an extensive presence in numerous influential fashion boutiques all over the world.
Since 2005, when he established the dassios brand, he presents his collections constantly twice a year in Milan, Paris and New York in the most prestigious fashion fairs: WHITE and TRANOI. His collaboration with 1st Floor Showroom in Milan and the press office of Domingo Communications is about to open new tunnels in his international career in fashion.

the concept


The dassios brand is the outcome of travels, senses and emotions.
Authentic materials, original fine craftsmanship, precious antique fabrics, trims and embroideries, all hand-woven with the original and ancient techniques, are carefully combined with contemporary materials such as leathers or denims, for a unique, authentic and highly imaginative dassios signature.

All dassios collections, based on original designs, are totally handmade and one-of-a-kind. Every single design is labeled “pièce unique” according to the dassios concept that is more than just accepted and widely appreciated by the fashion world.

the identity


If fashion wants to be seen as a creation, it must have ‘a memory’, while on the same time it has to be in accordance to the contemporary life style, through the usage of alternative materials. Creation needs to stand onto classical forms, but under a different perspective, with an up-to-date twist.

–Interview of Dimitris Dassios to Ersi Vatou / Eleftherotypia

the trend

Remaining loyal and coherent to his style, the designer managed to establish a “trend” through the dassios brand, that is being recognized not only by fashion icons, but also by clients and end customers, who can identify all items that bear the dassios trade mark immediately.