unique character

“Those of us, who have been following his work all these years, we know that the first samples of his very successful creations were bordering the Baroque. Back then, his ‘theatrical’ collections were sometimes designed for plays too, which is a basic part of his studies and one of his passions. On the other hand, this voluminous expression of renaissance luxury has enough space for folklore, ethnic chic and militaire, emphasizing on the feminine power and unquestionable authority of allurement. In his catwalk shows, women emerge sovereign, powerful, alluringly wielding, not afraid of glowing and in the same time they possess an everlasting beauty, humor and self-awareness.”

Hilton Athens Magagize

special thanks to


Alexandros Ioannidis

Giorgio Konstantin

Vangelis Kyris

Stefanos Malamas

Maria Maraki

Maria Markezi

Patricia Munster

Boris Philipenko

Aggelos Rassias

Vangelis Rassias

Giorgos Stathopoulos

Art Direction: Dimitris Dassios
Make up: Achilleas Charitos