SS 2020 Collection

Enjoy our unique inspirations for this season

Legends of today. Very often they are described as legendary must- have items. Thus they belong in the best- seller category of the brand and remain a line that has established the designer ever since his debut in fashion.

D. 169

D. 160

D. 167

Sartorial elegance as an everyday attitude. Fitted or slightly loose, made of handwoven silk, linen or cotton fabrics, always designed on a mannequin piece by piece, decorated with unique yesteryear embroideries, traditional trimmings or beaded motifs. Dassios dresses epitomize the style of elegance and encourage feminine sensuality.

D. 166

GR. 121

D. 178

D. 156 – D. 157

D. 164

GR. 129

D. 180

Indian sari, Russian or Anatolian linen, Greek cotton, no matter the origin of the fabric, all of them hand-woven carefully with the traditional loom methods and inline to ethical codes of sustainability, find their way into unique creations that transform the basic style of a garment giving emphasis to a state of liberty in today’s living way.

D. 170

D. 177

B. 155 – B. 149

D. 159

D. 180 – B. 124

Sensual vibrance of orientalism with fine tailoring. Oriental or baroque, sophisticated or ancient Greek, glamorous or romantic, contemporary or traditional, whichever the style, Dassios kaftan creations always combine a sense of art with the sensual vibrance and soul expression of haute couture tailoring.

D. 174

MD. 22

D. 150

B. 148

B. 156 – B. 153

Bohemian style to deserve attention. Open or closed, shorter or longer but always decorated with unique yesteryear embroideries and traditional trimmings, they always illustrate the spirit of a modern nomadic rebellion.

B. 154 – B. 147

D. 172

D. 155

D. 171

D. 165

D. 154 – D. 158

GR. 107

D. 181

GR. 104

D. 80

GR. 113 – GR. 112

GR. 126 – B. 151

B. 152 – B. 145

B. 151 – B. 145

GR. 127

MD. 25

MD. 25